Sexual health is the most important part of a man’s life, no matter his age, social status, or sexual orientation. A good sexual performance is one of the greatest confidence boosters for a man. Yet, it is essential to understand that there are several factors that can hinder total satisfaction during in bed such as erection problems and performance anxiety. Failure to satisfy your woman can have serious implications on your self esteem and relationship.

Male enhancement supplement can play a great role in this regard. There are a lot of male enhancement supplement found in the market that are clinically proved. However, some of the supplements that are prescribed by doctors are:

VigFx Supplement:

VigFx is an herbal male enhancement supplement that is newly formulated to give every man exactly what he needs to satisfy his woman. However, VigFX is ideal especially for men who are lacking in sexual performance. This VigFX review will help you understand how this highly effective natural supplement can help you achieve your male enhancement goals.

Working process of VigFx:

The main working process to VigFX is that it uses the natural capabilities already within the male body to help improve the size of the penis as well as the quality of sexual intercourse. VigFX is able to do this by targeting the free testosterone that is available in the body.

Testosterone is one of the main elements of the male body, helping men lives the energetic and virile lives they’ve always wanted. By triggering the free testosterone levels in the body and harnessing them to boost testosterone levels throughout the body, VigFX is able to reverse the effects men feel as they age. Not only will gives them more energy and help them meet any weight loss or muscle gain goals that they have, but it will also improve their sexual performance.

Again, VigFX flows through the body and it increases the amount of blood that is pumped into the body, triggering smooth muscles. By doing this, VigFX is able to make the penis look and feel bigger, because it has more blood and increased muscle size. In addition to making the penis bigger, VigFX helps improve the libido, making men want to have sex more. And, because VigFX also supports sexual performance, when men using the supplement do have sex, they will be performing better and lasting longer.

Natural Ingredients used in VigFx:

The best natural ingredients have been used in VigFx formula. And this makes VigFx one of the best male enhancement supplement found in the market. Instead of hiding what can be found in its supplement, and the many benefits these ingredients have, VigFX is very upfront and honest about its ingredients. This is done in an effort to create a peace of mind in its users, so they know they’re getting the best of the best.

The key natural ingredients used in the VigFx formula are as follows:

  • Red Asian GinsengThis is used for males with erectile dysfunction By its action on the blood vessels of the penis, it helps to improve erections through its tonic action on the body. But this is quite rare for most male enhancer that is why VigFX considered as a one of a kind supplement for male.
  • Gingko BilobaGinkgo is also proving to be an effective way to treat sexual dysfunction. Beauty of this herb is, it increases blood circulation without increasing blood pressure. A perfect addition to the healthcare regimen of those who experience erectile difficulties.
  • Epimedium LeafThe extract of this plant can give you a harder erection and a bigger penis than ever. This is one powerful extract to be considered which is why VigFX became famous as a powerful supplement that most men can use.
  • Damiana leaf extract Many consider its leaf a highly-prized libido enhancer. Flavonoids, phenolics, glycosides, terpenoids,thymol, trace amounts of phosphorus, and even caffeine all contribute to reduced feelings of stress and increased blood flow, particularly to the pelvic area where increased sensitivity leads to heightened stimulation.
  • Saw Palmetto BerryThis is known to be perfect for increasing the libido for men. This is common for most male supplements because this can also increase the drive of men when working out and whenever they want to have sex.
  • Bioperine: It is a clinically proven compound to increase the absorption rate and enhance the effects of this natural supplement. Therefore, bioperine is added to the formula in order to increase the absorption of coenzymes such as Q10 for rapid effects.
  • Hawthorne berry: This berry contains very powerful antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. It is also used for sexual health in men by helping improve cardiovascular health and blood circulation which is vital for overall sexual health.
  • Muira PaumaTypically it is the bark and root of Ptychopetal umolacoides  which is harvested and used both traditionally and in herbal products. It contains long-chain fatty acids, plant sterols, coumarin, lupeol and the alkaloid. It improves virility and improves sexual debility. It isconsidered a tonic for the central nervous system as well as an aphrodisiac.
  • Catuba BarkThe barks of this plant is good for increasing libido in many ways possible. This is known to be approved by many organizations which is why this plant is often used for supplements that are good for sexual performance.


Benefits of using VigFx:

As VigFx is full of best natural ingredients, you can get lots of benefits from this supplement. Some of the benefits you can get by using this product are:

  • Gives you huge, harder erections and sustain them for longer due to enhanced control over sexual performance.
  • Trigger your sexual desire
  • A great boost in libido and sexual satisfaction (intense orgasms)
  • Better your mood while sex
  • Enhanced workout results and high levels of energy
  • Faster recovery especially after intimacy and other intense physical activities.
  • More pleasurable intimate moments
  • Improves natural virility
  • Maximum absorption capsules
  • Clinically proven using real life trials
  • From a reputable and highly respected company

Side effects of using VigFx:

No medicine or supplements are perfect, that is why VigFx has few side effects too. You may have the following problems while using VigFx.

  • It can cause stomach pain when taken after meals.
  • Users can experience bad effects to the stomach and penis if used more than 2 times in one session.

Dosages and Duration of VigFx:

To get the best benefits from this product without any side effects on the body, make sure that you take this natural supplement two times before you have sex. You can still use one if you want to be curious about the effects, but two will always provide the best of the best especially to those with erectile dysfunction. Regular intake of this soft gel capsules intensifies sexual performance by increasing penetration and intensifying pleasure.

The effects of this fast-acting natural supplement are usually experienced within 3 months (approximately 84 days) of starting the program.

Precautions and Warnings:

This supplement must be placed in cool temperatures only since it’s a soft gel capsule. This product must be kept out of reach in children, and must be taken by males only. Make sure that women don’t try this product because it will only provide no results.

The supplement is not safe for individual especially below 18 years of age.

Clinical Studies on VigFx:

Few clinical studies have been done on VigFx. And all those studies have proved the safety and effectiveness of VigFX. According to the research, men who participated in the 84-day clinical trial were scores using the globally recognized “international index of erectile function” (IIEF)

Here are Their Results (As compared to the Placebo):

The results shown from triple-blind placebo controlled randomized clinical study by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt LTD.

Customer’s Opinion on VigFx:

“Hi,I’m Henry. I’m 40 years old. I’ve tried lots of male enhancement supplements for my sexual dysfunction but none work as well as VigFx. It has changed my life and self confidence. Thanks VigFx!”

– Henry


“When I tried VigFX, it made me changed my sex life in many ways! This is perfect for an old timer like me, and I guarantee this product for those who want to spark up their sexual desired once again!”
Mike G.

“I was surprised with the effects of this product on my first try, and it really made me happy because of the strength and energy that I got from this product. No side effects whatsoever and this are great for those who want to get in the mood for a grand love making session.”
Christian H.

Purchasing VigFX:

One of the best advantages about VigFX is that it offers a free trial for those who aren’t sure if the supplement will work for them. Instead of expecting users to blindly purchase the product, VigFX gives customers a free 15-day supply so they can see the results of VigFX for themselves. The only cost for this trial is the $6.95 shipping and handling charge.

For those who are satisfied with the trial, they don’t have to take any further steps. Fifteen days after receiving the trial, they will receive a 45 day supply and be charged the $89.99 for VigFX. This supply and charge will be done every 45 days until the customer cancels.

Those who aren’t satisfied with VigFX can call before the 15 day trial is complete and cancel their subscription. They will not be charged again.

The bottom line

Despite of the lack of information about this product, there are still proofs that show that this product is approved by experts to be used as a powerful male enhancement supplement. This is a great testosterone booster.

Moreover, the free trial bottle allows users to give it a try without risks. On the other hand, its effects and benefits usually kick in immediately to guarantee proficiency in sexual performance.